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British Olympic Snowboarder

Career Highlights


Pyeongchang Winter Olympics
Named to the BOA Athletes’ Commission
Olympians’ Olympian Nominee


1st British Championships Slopestyle
1st British Championships Big Air
2nd British Championships Halfpipe
4th Czech Republic World Cup
5th Overall World Tour Slopestyle World Cup Rankings
5th World Cup Mammoth US GRAND PRIX
5th World Cup Seiser Alm Italy
5th World Cup Super Series Overall Standings


2nd WST Ale Invite Big Air
3rd WST Spring Battle
4th Milan Big Air World Cup


3rd Spring Battle


Semi-finals Sochi Winter Olympics (Slopestyle)
7th X Games Aspen (Slopestyle)


3rd O'Neill Pleasure Jam
6th X Games Aspen (Slopestyle)


1st O'Neill Pleasure Jam
2nd Nescafe Leysin Championships
3rd Roxy Snow Pro


Personal Info




Belfast / London


Keston, Kent, UK






I had my heart set on becoming a professional snowboarder from an early age, so it’s just as well I always had the snowy peaks of South East London to practice on…not!

I didn't let that stand in the way of my dream - and nor should you.

Here's how I made it from plastic dry-slopes to professional snowboarding.


Hailing from the flat suburban district of Bromley, I'd be lucky to see more than an inch or two of snow each year!

Fuller clan in 1996!

Fuller clan in 1996!


I used to go to the local dry slope (Bromley Ski Centre, in Kent) every Saturday.

At the same time I was doing motor-cross, which helped with aggression and attacking turns when I started snowboarding.

Throwback to when I had that yoyo and 2 plank ski   #bromleydryslope  -  See more on Instagram

Throwback to when I had that yoyo and 2 plank ski  #bromleydryslope - See more on Instagram

Showing the boys how it's done on the motocross circuit

Showing the boys how it's done on the motocross circuit


When I was 12, my family & I moved to the U.S.

Living in Virginia, I was luck enough to have the local hill only an hour-and-a-half away!

Me (still on skis!) with the 'lil bro

Me (still on skis!) with the 'lil bro


Appalachian mountains aren't the highest, but what they did have was real snow, and a snow park with a variety of jumps and rail features.

That’s when I hung up my skis and started snowboarding.

The east-coast's Appalachian mountains

The east-coast's Appalachian mountains


I was able to get out on my board every other weekend and absolutely loved it! I’d go up with my friend and we’d just hurl ourselves off little jumps and rails.


After three years in the US we were due to move back to the UK.

I'd begged my Mum to let me go on a snowboard camp for my 16th Birthday and–in the August before we moved to Belfast–she let me go to a camp in Mount Hood, Oregon.

I was a total punter, I still cant believe Roxy sponsored me!

Erin Comstock, a professional Roxy rider, was my coach for the week.

When we moved back to the UK I got a phone call from the company and two weeks later, I was off to Switzerland's Saas Fee!


Pretty much from that camp I got sponsored by Roxy. I still can’t believe they sponsored me!

But I guess they must have seen some potential!



Aimee is now a well-established member of the snowboarding community. Focusing primarily on Slopestyle events, she has already racked up a series of impressive results in her career. Highlights include winning the Dachstein Pleasure Jam two years running, coming second at the Nescafe Leysin Championships in 2012 and placing third in the Roxy Snow Pro that same year.  A 3rd Place at the WST Spring battle, and the first women to land a double in competition at the X Games.

In 2014, Aimee fulfilled one of her lifelong dreams: competing at the Winter Olympics. Flying the Team GB flag high, Aimee rocked the Sochi slopestyle course. Despite not making it into the final, she still came away with a big smile on her face. In her own words: "Being in Sochi, representing Team GB in a team with Jamie Nicholls, Billy Morgan and Jenny Jones was an honour".

Despite her rise to fame and her array of phenomenal results, Aimee is adamant not to lose sight of the one golden rule of snowboarding: have fun!

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