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Aimee Fuller- Lifestyle
Aimee Fuller having fun in Schladming, Austria on November 9th 2012
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Australian Summer.

15 Sep 2014 / 0 Comments / in Uncategorized

In August, I packed up the kit and headed down under for my first trip to Australia!

The last 4 summers I have been in New Zealand, so it was awesome to hop on a flight and head somewhere new! We linked up with Perisher and posted up down there for 2 weeks! The park was insane, really fast laps, good jumps and a nice rail line. We ended up with quite the motley crew, Jamie Anderson, and Jenny Jones and had a rad time riding down there. Things all ended quite abruptly though when I gave myself a whopping haemotoma on my hip which landed me on crutches for 3 days! Not the most fun, but those first 5 days it went down, serious hot laps, and I was working on a new trick I had learned back in April, so it was great to bring that back onto snow!

I am now back home, having taken 3 weeks really mellow with rehab, physio and am back on the pushbike and in the GYM! I have taken a little break from the cycling and had got quite into running over the summer, but now seeing as I can’t run for the month the push bike is back out!!

I have also have been enjoying some mellow cruising on the quieter roads with my Dad on my new 690 Duke! So fun to explore the Northern Irish coast on the “sunnier days”! Back in March I powered through my test after the Olympics so it’s really nice to enjoy my license and new bike :)


26 May 2014 / 0 Comments / in Videos

Here is a montage of footage from my 2014 season, thanks to Neu Productions + Red Bull for the footage and Friday productions for the edit. Hope you like it. I had a blast this season and can’t wait to get back on snow :) thanks for all the support.


Aimee Fuller 2014 Season Edit. from AIMEE FULLER on Vimeo.

Filmed by John Roderick at Neu and Red Bull. Enjoy =)

Instagram/Twitter: @aimee_fuller


You can also find it on

TransworldOnboard,  Whitelines,  Snowboardermag, Cooler, Youtube.


Off Season Activities.

18 May 2014 / 0 Comments / in food

So the end of the season is a wrap! It was a banger finishing up in Aspen with Red Bull.

I have been crazy busy at home the last 3 weeks, catching up with some local schools, meeting the Guides and rainbows. Over to England to shred at Hemel for the 5th Birthday.

Priory College Holywood.

Hanging out with the lovely ladies from Priory College. Holywood.


I went down to see the Rainbows, Brownies and Guides in Donaghdee.

Belfast Telegraph with my Bro!

Me and my bro did a shoot and interview with Belfast telegraph. Comparing our professions, hairdresser vs snowboarder!

Signing at the Snowcentre.

At The Snow Centre with Jenny Jones, Jamie Nicholls and Ed Drake, we signed a ton of Autographs and went shredding, fun day :)


Me and Mini Shred lady!

Me and my mini shred buddy Betsy

A few snaps from the Kitchen. I have been getting a lot of questions through my Facebook page, what do I eat?!!? haha So I thought posting a few snaps would give you guys a little insight. I try like everyone to eat “clean and healthy” but it’s good to have the od treat haha.

This Banoffee pie was epic. I used Merchant gourmets Caramel Sauce, smashed up a few digestives with pecans and butter. Lathered on the Caramel sauce, it’s so easy and tastes like something you get in a top notch coffee shop! I’ve been in the gym a good bit this week so you can’t beat a naughty treat now and again! My weakness is for sure Banoffee!  haha.

Pre gym snack.

Here’s a little pre gym snack. Total Greek yoghurt, topped with Banana, Kiwi and some of Wyldsson breakfast topper, I have been using that in everything, from porridge to salads it tastes so good.

Post work out.

Post gym I have been feasting on some epic salads, this time of year there are some good veggies to be had. This is raw beets, kale, broccoli, avo, pepper and for a quick refuel and protein I have been mixing in a range of grains, in this salad I used Spelt again another Merchant gourmet wonder! It’s high in protein and good carbs. I have also been using the lentils and ready cook Quinoa it’s just so handy post gym session when you can’t be bothered to cook for lunch. With a drizzle of Pumpkin oil and you are in buisness. ENJOY! x

I am planning my next snowboard trip in 3 weeks time, we have something pretty exciting lined up so can’t wait to share it with you guys! Until then It’s time to enjoy a little more time at home :)


05 May 2014 / 0 Comments / in red bull, Videos

I am just fresh back from a 10 day camp in Aspen with Red Bull, it was pretty much the ultimate banger to end on. Red Bull created an epic set up perfect for progression! A massive thanks to them for having me out.

I am pretty hyped to finally try a trick I have wanted to for ages so really happy to come out of the camp with that down.

Enjoy the mini edit here of my Cab Double 9.

Roxy Shop

In the Roxy store with my Ski Buddy Dara Howell.
Handplant in the Pipe!
The set up.
Here is the set up, unreal with a trampoline at the bottom, and our own park at Buttermilk.
hitching a lift with Katie Summerhayes
Katie Summerhayes, she’s a legend, giving me a lift to the bottom!
Flying out of Aspen.
Flying out of Aspen is insane, you can see Buttermilk from the Runway. 20 minute flight to Denver before the long haul back to London, so happy I got upgraded on the way home, makes the 9.5 hour flight bliss! haha.

SOCHI. The big –>> O rings.

15 Feb 2014 / 0 Comments / in Olympics

THE Olympics

Olympic rings, just had to.

I am on a flight from Moscow to London after the most epic 10 days in Russia, having qualified 2 weeks before we flew out, riding Xgames, 1 night at home and then straight on a flight to Russia for my first Olympics it has been an insane whirlwind of excitement and non stop goings on!

Opening Ceremony walk.

First off the Opening ceremony, was rad, when I started snowboarding for fun with my buddies I never ever imagined I would walk out into a stadium wearing the Team GB kit waving flags, with such a strong team, it was such a unique experience I will never forget and also a great place to meet other members of the GB crew as we were not all located in the same zone, we had 3 different villages, Costal, Mountain – that was our zone along with Bobsled, Skeleton, and Alpine ski, and then Endurance. So this brought us all together.

Being in Sochi, representing Team GB in our four Man Slope team with Jamie Nicholls, Billy Morgan and Jenny Jones was an honour and I really hope you all enjoyed SLOPESTYLE! 

Excited at the Opening ceremony.

Here is myself Jenny Jones and Jenna McCorkell, she’s another Northern Irish hommie so it was cool to meet her! As just the 2 of us from NI representing. 

The Contest- There was lots of speculation and news about the Slopestyle course in Sochi, when we rocked up it was crazy, not going to exaggerate, the scale of the course was something we were not expecting as last year our test event didn’t run due to lack of snow, it didn’t seem to be a problem as the course they had put together was next level, I’ve never seen jumps so big, after a day or 2 of riding it in, things worked out, they tweaked the jumps, lowered the jump take offs slightly and it all began to ride well. The rail section was definitely intense, super fast and not much time for error and correction, the really cool thing is that there were 2 sides to the jumps and the majority of the girls in the field rode the big side, I think that is super positive and just shows the direction and progression in which our sport is going, so I think this was a huge step for female snowboarding.

My twin brother won gold.

Me and my hair twin Bro- SAGE KOTSENBURG WON GOLD. So stoked for this guy, couldn’t have gone to a nicer chap.

On the big screen.

In the Semi Finals I decided to go for the go big or go home approach, our new phrase amongst the team “JUST HUCK IT” haha after Billy Morgan quoted that during finals. I went for the double backflip and got it to my feet but couldn’t get a clean ride out, I am so amped I went for that as I really wanted to show everyone the direction in which we are going with snowboarding, progression!

cab underflip


Cab under flip on the first jump.

I didn’t make it into finals so I headed up to the booth with the BBC to commentate, little did I know an hour later I would be rooting for my team GB team mate and one of my best buds Jones as she took home the first ever female medal on snow for team GB ! an honour it was and such an emotional day and probably the craziest 24 hours of my life! It truly was a game changer. 

Claire Balding is COOL as.

Claire Balding is a bit of a legend, fun hanging out with the BBC boys too, Ed Leigh, Graham Bell and Tim Warwood thanks for having me in the booth, and to Will Perry from 5 live, that was FUN.

The team in Sochi… RAD, so good to have such a friendly bunch in HQ, the support staff, big ups to our coach who lays low behind the scenes Hamish Mcknight, and wax tech Euan Baxter for having our back the last months, Alison Robb aka ALI G, physio legend, its been 10 weeks on the road with one day at home, 6 contests, 16 flights. . THANKS for all your support.

mountain village crew.

THE MOUNTAIN VILLAGE TEAM – without Billy Morgan + Jamie Nicholls as they went on to compete the day after the Opener!


The support crew.

And to this crew. YOU RULE. So much love for my family and friends back home, and to all of you in the Uk who got up at 6.30 am to watch! hehe.

I have more pictures from behind the scenes so will get those up this week! Hope this gives you a little insight into THE OLYMPICS. PS. LIZZIE YARNOLD won another medal for Team GB, just incase you didn’t know! ha. ONETEAM.