The park was awesome, really nice floaty kickers, on Qualification day the women only got one run qualification due to bad visibility and high wind up on the Dachstein glacier. I stomped my first qualification run so that put me in a good position for the following day where we had our 2nd run. I stepped it up a notch and qualified in 4th place for the finals. In the finals I didn't manage to lay down my tricks as planned, I finished up in 9th place so it wasn't to bad for the first contest of the season. This put me at #16 in the World TTR Ranking. Check out the Whitelines review here.

At the moment I am currently on the train in the middle of the Alps traveling from Jenbach, Austria to Zermatt Switzerland. In total my journey should take around 8 hours, which isn't too bad! Time for a break! I am heading to Zermatt to complete my level 2 BASI Instructor course.