Bruised Coccyx!

Loving the foam pit. Cheryl, Lisa, Jenny, Aimee, Kate, Lesley Snowing today here in Frisco whoo, just about to go shopping at the outlets in Silverthorne for some crimbo bargains! I have not ridden for a week as the 3rd day I overshot a kicker at Keystone to the flat so now I have a lovely big bruise on my Coccyx! Really hope I can get back on my board sometime this week as the pipe is perfect in Copper and I can't wait to start training again. We went to Woodward the other day, the place is amazing. I got through the induction just struggled with the forward rolls! But we rode the snowflex kicker and that was quite low impact on my backside as it is into a foam pit,never ridden snoflex before so that was a different experience!