Roxy Chicken Jam 2010

Back 3 MuteFirst contest of the 2010 season, I went to Avoriaz France for a week with family which was really fun just cruising around and getting back into riding after my but injury! I drove with Gilly Seagrave from Morzine to Saalbach Hinterglum for 10 hours to the Roxy Chicken Jam in Austria. I am staying with all the Roxy girls in an awesome hotel, have had a great few days riding and today was the semi finals. I finished in 11th place which is my best result to date in a 6* TTR. That has put me in TTR ranking numero 12, stoked! My run consisted of a switch boardslide on the rainbow box into a backflip, into a back 3 mute, then into a nollie front flip off the up box! Shout out to Enni Rukajärvi, who is killing it and finished in 1st place! Hopefully I will have some more pictures to go up after the event! For now here is a picture of me and my girl Silje Norendal on the poma, Silje and Aimz @the Chicken Jamnow it is time to party, and then heading to the European Open tomorrow, ROAD TRIP!