bye LAAX. Hello Austria.

I am now here in Mayrhofen, Austria staying at the Vans house, a really nice pad, thanks for having me. I drover over yesterday with lil shred dude Rowan Coultas and Mr Nicholls. I am here with the Slovakian, Basa and Silje is in town to. It's nice to have a few days to ride in the park and learn some new things.

Sista sessions is on at the end of the week it should be a fun contest, a 3* all girls event.


here are some pictures from the BEO!

It doesn't get much better...

Silje Norendal. me. Jordie Karlinski
Taking some laps with Jamie Nicholls and Ben Kilner
hanging at slope finals with Chanelle from da One Life crew!
Silje . Yiip!
Shades on!