Epic times in Chamonix

So we are all in Chamonix for a Roxy shoot this week. Having a blast, staying in the DC chalet! Dc lockers

When we arrived we found we each had our own locker with our names on, pretty cool!

go big or go home

The motto for the week


Yes Basa is down with the motto, ready to get some!

new boots

New Vans boots, looking slick! Thanks Victoria!


Myself and Basa first thing yesterday morning, ready to rock in the flat light conditions


Having a good time in the house, facerape is a general occurrence for those of you who don't know what that is, hacking someone's status on facebook...


Margot, FRENCH...bit of a legend in powder.


We built 2 kickers today, blue bird, perfect, and I learned 2 new tricks. AMPED!!!

Hat on

Mt Blanc had his hat on today, the wind was picking up over there, it's going to dump tomorrow so that is good news!