So when I was out in Canada, my team manager asked me randomly if I wanted to go to the Lebanon! 4 days later, straight after the Chalet girl premier I found myself in the Lebanon, a crazy place and a great experience! I was over there with James Thorne representing Roxy and Quiksilver in the Mzaar Winter festival big air demo. traditional breakfast

Lebanese style breakfast, yoghurt on toast...?!!!

check that view

Checking out some spots with the locals.

local legend

A local guy Ryan showed us around.


We stayed up in the mountains, one day we had the opportunity to go into down town Beruit, crazy a 1 hour drive and it was a totally different climate.

St James

James found his new favourite drink


The lifties where super friendly

hitch hiking

Hitch hiking, was a regular occurrence

big screen

Made it on the big screen at the Mzaar winter festival

Now I am in Norway at the Arctic Challenge, chilling with my roomie Ms Norendal, headed for Dinner now will let you know how the course looks!