Having an awesome time here in Revelstoke, it's a really cool town, 2 hours away from Civilisation. It's my first powder trip so a steep learning curve, lots of ragdoll front flips, but I am getting it! Today it is dumping outside so we are filming some podcast stuff, and then tonight we are heading to Retallack for some cat skiing.

Driving up the mountain

Headed up the Mountain in the morning

PlaceHolders - Revelstoke

Hiking. Not tired at all.... Buass and Me

PlaceHolders - Canada

Beautiful view of the lake

up the top!

Made it to the top! 

Ghost treesos

Ghost trees

ready to drop

Bright ready to drop

It is actually cool to wear a helmet

I learned today from the girls, that if you wear a helmet when you hike, your head can explode.

It's actually cool to wear a helmet

I tried to take it off. They wouldn't let me...

Will let you guys know how the Cat Skiing is!