Sista Sessions

So I have been in Mayrhofen the past week,

I stayed with Basa up in the Vans house, thankyou Vans for putting us up.

We had some amazing weather the first 2 days, like spring, super warm and slushy conditions, the BEST!

The first few days we did some photo shoots

Me, Silje, Tini, Julia, Conny, Urska, Lisa, Diana and Conny. We are just a few of the girls who will be filming with Lipstick productions throughout the year.

Here is another shot of me in the Park during one of the shoots.

I managed to tweak my shoulder on Thursday nothing too serious, just need a few days off to rest. So I didn't enter the contest, I filmed some so I will make and edit of all the girls riding.

Silje Norendal killed it yesterday in the contest, She finished in 1st place, and Tini Gruber another good friend rode really well and finished up in the 2nd. Yesss girls!!

I am off to London tomorrow, will keep you posted on what we get up to there.