Ski poses

cliff drop

Friday we had a pretty epic day, it was super warm and the sun was out, so I was working on my goggle tan, we hit up this cliff drop and found a few lines, got some good pictures however I cannot show you those yet!!

Today I have a bit of a random blog for you as we went to go up yesterday, however the light was flat and the gondola had broken! Obviously not our day. So we decided to perform some ski poses


Basa went for the down hill approach, she just needs some Lycra.

backward gangsta steeze

I tried to go for the gangsta backward steeze, however my pants where not baggy enough.

this boy got the gangsta steeze down...


Aline, not sure what she is going for there, maybe snow plough, learning to ski...

Little boy skiing

like this little guy?

team effort

not sure what exactly was going on here, some kind of synchronised double act.

Lena the skiier

Snowboarder in Park City

Lena... the only skiier on our trip got involved, snowboard steeze?!, however being a skiier she didn't quite get it. Stay tuned for an edit of Lena snowboarding and me skiing, out in Tignes in a couple of weeks we have arranged a trade so I am going to hit the park up on my new ski's ... not sure how that will work out.


Margot has the style down, need I say anymore.

star jump

True professional...

the big boss

Mckenna showing us how it's all done, now she just needs some pants like this guy...

Due to the lack of snowboarding yesterday, we went to check out Chamonix and tried some slack lining, Margot killed it!


Currently in the airport, waiting to catch my flight home back to Belfast, looking forward to catching up with friends and family for a week!