Scotland Transworld Shoot.

I am currently in Scotland on a shoot for Transworld with a couple of the Quiksilver guys, Markku Koski and Hampus Mosesson. It's a really fun crew over here with Dan Milner shooting and Mr Verity is filming and the TM! Gary Greenshields. They have built an epic looking booter up at the Cairngorm but we have not managed to get up there due to weather!! I flew into Inverness on Tuesday after a week of relaxing back home, so good to be home after a crazy 6 weeks, I have never been to so many countries in my life, I started out in Davos, Laax, Mayrhofen, London, Manchester, BC Canada, London, Lebanon, Norway and then finally an epic shoot in Chamonix France with the Roxy Euro girls!

Right now though...having a blast here in Scotland, not the most epic conditions! Enjoy the pictures from the trip so far!

Flying into Inverness, no snow in sight!

1st day we went up to the Lecht, there was very little snow around at all! So went snowboarding the real Scottish way, in the Heather...

The mountain has been shut for most of the trip, we arrived in no snow, but since the second day it has dumped ! The mountain was shut on Friday and they opened it for us,  after we managed to get the van up the road! we got some pow turns in and had the cat taking us up the runs!

Here is a lil preview. Me slashing a bank up at the Cairngorm!

we went sight seeing and even found Nessy! at Loch Ness.


Yesterday was really good fun despite the howling winds, the mountain was shut yet again so we went and got creative! Here is a castle just outside Aviemore, myself and Markku hit up the bomb drop and then we went down to Loch an Eilen and hit some tree jibs.

The snow is still falling here, today we are going to get out behind some quad bikes hopefully,

check back for more pics in the next few days!