Yesterday I spent the day in LA with Jenny Jones and Lesley Mckenna, it was amazing weather, I got up real early because of the jet lag and went for a run along the beach, so refreshing!

Venice Beach 7am!

Jones found herself a new toy!

We flew into Mammoth yesterday afternoon, crazy we went from summer to winter in just 1 hour, was really mild in LA, we went from chilling at the beach to the snowy mountains, crazy climate change.

Staying in a pimp house in Mammoth with Roxy, good to see Basa Stevulova again, her board bag did not get here yet though... so I headed up with Jones and Mckenna to check the course for Chicken Jam.

Right now it is dumping here in Mammoth I have never ever seen so much snow in my life! The snow out of our house is over head height, crazy!

Looking forward to some pow shred tomorrow, doesn't look like the snow is easing up anytime soon.