Epic 1st day at Ms Superpark!

Yesterday Ms Superpark went off. ms superpark icon

It was my first ever time to Superpark and I am here staying at the Roxy house with Basa, Torah, Erin, Robin, Ty and the Jones is staying with us too.

They have a really fun creative set up here. We flew in from La on Monday, stayed in Denver and missioned it up to Keystone early morning in our rental car (THE BOAT)

miss 3 Huggy

I spent yesterday riding this wave feature

Ms Superpark Day 1 LA 054 amiee fuller

here is me backflipping off the gap!

Check out the full write up and review here on Snowboarder mag.


Monday I was in LA, we stayed at Santa Monica, rented some bikes, did some shopping and cruised the board walk. May have definitely got a bit of a sun burn "oh it's not that hot, I am not even getting burnt" 2 hours later.  All 3 of us... fried!!

Here is a funny video of Ty, Jenny, Basa and myself. No snowboarding. Enjoy!!! But quite the dancing hit.


and if you didn't already see, check out our huck session video here, in the bad weather at Mammoth.