South Lake Tahoe

I arrived in Tahoe on Sunday night after a crazy journey, the Highway to Denver was shut, so we took backroads! tons of SNOW and traffic, arrived at the airport at 5.30 and the flight took off at 5.55. Skipped the whole security, never ran so fast to a gate in my life. We made the flight as they where closing the door. Stoked!!! Due to us near missing the flight, Jenny flew us to Reno...

We are here for Ms Anderson's private park shoot. I have never been to Tahoe before and I love it!

We have had 2 days of epic spring mini shred and now the weather has come in and it is dumping! Jamie rented us an amazing house on the lake,


check out the sunset  from our dock last night, EPIC...

besides riding,

sunbathing on the dock, and skiing have been going down, myself and Kaya Turski traded it up for a few laps, she killed it on a board and I attempted some skiing, so fun, have not done it in 6 years or so!

I was meant to fly back home to Belfast yesterday, but I have decided to stay out, I am heading over to Breckenridge next week to ride with Silje Norendal and Helene Olafsen, and then back here to Tahoe in a couple of weeks.

check back for some more pics from Tahoe!!