South Lake Tahoe to LA

I am currently on the plane to Colorado! Scored a business economy seat! STOKED. However left my brand new shred hoodie in LA so not so stoked!!!

Last week I was in South Lake Tahoe for Jamie Anderson’s private session. We had a blast hanging out at the lake and riding Sierra. We where not blessed with the best weather for riding park. 2 days of spring and the rest of the week it dumped! So one of the days we decided to trade it up with the skiiers, all of the snowboarders went skiing and skiiers went snowboarding, it was a real fun day. After severe cramp I must say I have a lot of respect for big mountain skiiers, skiing in that powder is tough!

I had 2 free days, so I went on a mini holiday! I flew into Los Angles Friday night with Jenny Jones and we spent 2 days at Venice beach, chilling out, shopping, lunching, riding skateboards, biking, swimming and sunbathing.  That place is the business...

Now I am in Breckenridge Colorado, riding for 10 days with Sarka, Silje and Helene, first day up the mountain today, sun is out and park is good, stoked!