RED BULL CAMP. Over and Out!

The past week I have been in Squaw Valley USA for the Red Bull camp. We got up  to the mountain 2x in the week, we have had one day of sunshine... and that was today and it was awesome... The set up is off the chain...

We have a private park set up with a perfect pipe and 2 banging kickers and loads of other features.


We cruised up this morning, and the cat's drove us up to the park.

Yesterday was a bad weather day so we went to Yoga... Here we have Grete Eliassen, PJ the TM, Myself and Nick Goepper rehearsing some of our Yoga practice, think we have the moves dialed...

Despite the amount of down-days we have managed to keep ourselves well occupied here in Squaw, with the gym, yoga, hot-tubbing and cruising in the golf buggys down in the underground car park!


Check out the airbag. Mahosssive...


Cruising up behind the sled.


Grete Eliassen and Me taking some laps on the bottom jump.


Screen shot from the jump!


PJ just got a new fish eye for his eye phone just casual.

Tomorrow morning I am out of here, nice early start, 4.15 am!!! I am headed back home to Belfast, looking forward to going home now after a long but amazing time in the USA. I have had a blast, a massive thanks to Red Bull for having me out on the camp for the week, so stoked to have such an amazing opportunity.


Over and Out