Great times in Kaunertal.

Just had the most epic 3 days in Kaunertal, Austira with Katie Ormerod, Michelle UK boss and Lesley Mckenna the big boss. Was great to be out at the British Boardtest and catch up with all the brits ☺

Each day there was a 30/40 minute drive up to the Glacier along this sketchy road, beautiful, but yet super sketchy at the same time!

MUG shot! Vans crew. Rowan Coultas, The boss Victoria, and rail man Chris Chatt.

Kickers where awesome, sunny and a good size for learning stuff. Yesterday I rode with Sarka and Katie and filmed a day in the life with Sean Miller and James Haggerty so stay tuned for the edit!

Other than snowboarding, we also hit the trampolines some, Sarka Pancochova was in town and took us to this spot in some random’s garden with a trampoline and had a few sessions, just putting an edit together from that, so will post it up soon :)

Also got my Sample pro Sock from Sterling Sock's co. Looking fresh!!

Today we decided we would take the Marmot, Austrian badger like thing up the hill from our apartment, it had a great day and met all these new people!

Michelle was lil obsessed with it.

Katie, saving the Marmot...

He chilled up at the Glacier for a bit.

Now I am in England for a few days, not sure what my plans are next, there is word of a shoot with Lipstick productions on a park kicker, so that could be sick. If not, time to go home and get into the gym. Will keep you posted on that one!!