lil surf mish!

Hello! So I have been home for the past week and it has been great! Getting into the gym and chilling. Went up to the North Coast today for some surf action! Not the best at it yet, but working on it!!! Waves where real small so it was fun to get back in the water and have a paddle about!

How many surfboards and people can you fit in a Mini.

4 people.  3 surfboards and 1 boogie board, not bad going. Basa Stevulova would be proud....

Don't judge me on this... I am going up again tomorrow. Going to get better haha

On the way back, it was a full on mission, all the roads back into the city, JAMMED.  bomb scares in Belfast. NICE... so we stopped off had a munch and then cruised back home. Was amped on the surf so going to head up again tomorrow whoo!

Oh and I forgot to say... I had a little interview with the BBC on Wednesday. So stay tuned for that next week ;)!