A live interview and a trip to the BBC studio!

HELOOOOOO! Headed into Belfast today for a live Interview with BBC radio NI!

Becky came into town with me, she carried my board. Stoked! she is a total legend, and is soon to be a dentist, watch out world, I am going to get some white teeth when she get's qualified!

Pure cheese! outside the studio!!

I really enjoyed the interview, I was on for around 15 minutes, just general chit chat, and I ended up playing darts live on the air!

A massive thanks to Michael McNamee for having me on the show as one of there sports people for the summer club of the week.

I also filmed a piece with Nial Foster from the BBC for newsline on Wednesday! ha . So that should be cool, stay tuned for that. Will get the Radio interview up here and for those who can't watch the piece on Newsline I will get it up on the blog here too shortly!

Make sure to watch BBC news on Wednesday night!

PS surf has been epic up here, this was the other night.... looks like Cali!


also congrats to my lil bro Josh , he's 16 and  just got a job today in Paula Anderson, hairdressing!