THE MALDIVES - 1192 islands. We scratched the surface.

5 Islands.

1 boat trip.

This is what went down...

So it started like this. 3 days on Hudanhuranfushi, surfing Lohis. I have never really spent any great amount of time surfing, so I was straight in at the deep end , surfing a reef break. Hudanhuranfushi was an amazing little island with a private wave.

We then spent a week on this big girl...

The GTM cruiser! surfing, snorkeling, swimming with dolphins and lots of fishing!

Ross was the official fisher man of the trip and caught more than all of us. He put the fish on the table for lunch and dinner. I had a bit of beginners luck and caught 6 fish in one night, one a barracuda all on hand held lines! and Weaver got the biggest fish, some sort of snapper I think! Henry hooked up the most od things, a puffa fish and squid, check out his ink tat!

We slept on the deck a few nights and woke up just as the sun begun to rise.

Core and yoga went down most days, Jigga man aka Weaver is the boss at Yoga, he had me and the Jones up getting involved in the session every day after the surf.  Greenshields also got involved in the core and had us doing all sorts of maneuvers!

This is me at Saltans, gunning it! haha. a fun right that we spent alot of time at.

One of the guys on the boat turned, 24, so he got launched off the boat 24 times. Jam, curry, suncream, hp sauce, sour milk, ketchup, rotten fish all ended up involved  in the mix and so did all of the crew! Covered! Gaza, middle man with the dreadlocks ended up with 2 ginger dreads and a ginger beard, myself and the Jones purchased some bleach. New hairstyle for the Birthday boy. lucky guy...

The guys from the boat took us to a local island, still not sure to this day whether the boys made us wear scarfs round our heads because of the religion or for a laugh! either way,  it was great to see how they live on these tiny islands.

I could go on and on about what went down on the boat, but what happend on the boat, stays on the boat. hope you enjoyed the pics!

THANKS TO THE BIRTHDAY MAN himslef Mr Ruparelia who organised the epich trip!