easyjet. geneva. speedboating. travel.

So today I jetted off to Liverpool. Met with super grommie. Ormerod.

We then flew in style with non other than the UK's leading budget airline easy jet to Geneva.

first off it started with excess luggage charges, then a delayed flight which resulted on us missing our train to 2 Alpes from Geneva.

Good news is. We headed into town. Checked into a sweet hotel in the city and tomorrow morning at 6 am we are 2 Alpes bound whoo!

Found a trolley. score. saved carrying the bags around town! got a few dodgy looks it has to be said!

Checked out the harbour, such a nice spot

Rented a speed boat, the Cantina. Cruised around lake Geneva, listened to some tunes and went for a swim

grommie behind the wheel.

went for a dip in the middle of Lake, so refreshing...

Jet d'Eau fountain in all her glory!

Switzerland -  watches, chocolate, watches, chocolate, watches, watches, watches, chocolate, they where the billboards on the way into town.

Now we are in the room, doing some hardcore chilling ready for the early wake up tomorrow!