2 Alpes. trampoline. doubles. sunshine. slush.


So we arrived in 2 Alpes yesterday. After missing our train, we spent the night in Geneva. Then we had 2 trains and 2 buses!

Katie. not looking so stoked, waiting for our 6.41am train from Geneva.

Today was our first day on the hill. After a pretty slow start it was a fun day.

2 Alpes. lift ques. standard. French and Italian ski racers. pushing and shoving!

Then I broke my board in the first 2 or 3 runs ha! So I just cruised around and filmed some of the crew, it was super hot up there so got my tan on too!

In the afternoon I took the One Snowboarding campers for a yoga session then we rented the Olympic trampoline and the session went off. 3 of the guys trying doubles, super fun session! I did a few too, check it right here.

Breno stomped a double perfectly and then launched backwards off the trampoline = 2 cracked heels. Get well soon DAN!!




I met up with Emma Bernard, sick French pipe shredder and the Bliss by Level crew, to check some of next, next years gloves! Sweet pad right there! skate ramp and trampoline right out front.