ROXY JAM. Biarritz. Surf. Dance. Surf. Dance.

After a fun week in 2 Alpes. I travelled with Katie Ormerod to Biarritz for the Roxy Jam. The ASP world surfing champs went down and the world long boarding event too. Here are some pics! and a LIL video ;)!

Roxy UK took us all out and rented a cool house for us for the week.

We did lots of surfing, dining, skateboarding, long boarding, a lil partying and the TM. Lesley Mckenna had us doing fitness. This is all the crew after a 7.30 am fitness session on the 100 steps in Biarritz in the rain. Brutal, rewarding and somewhat fun at the same time when you are all doing it together !

We also got to a lil dancing, when not surfing!

We went to the Quiksilver / Roxy board riders house in Hossegor, this was the Kelly Slater room, pretty pimping!

Roxy turned 20 this summer. So they hosted a huge party, It was an amazing event, they took over the local market place, great french cusine, fromage, jamon avec vino! The whole Roxy family was there, surfers, snowboarders and all of the people working within the company.



Hanging at the contest site . Me and Soph.

Katie, Peony, Me, Holly and Gabi aka GABAlaaaaar. It was rad spending the week with some really good surfers, crazy how good they are. ONE DAY!!!

Team Australia, Michelle et Moi.

The Quiksilver snow guys were in town. Freddie and Ulrik.

The sounds concert. lots of people. good music. and free drink = skateboarding in a suitcase???

Down at the contest site we got VIP status.

Sophie Hellyer getting all VIP and of course the TM. she is SUPER VIP.

team shot. Again. MINUS 1.

Lois with some mega size PaELLa.

Lois is the bomb on a skateboard, Cheryl Maas took us to the Volcom zone to skate the mini ramp there! So sick.

Now back in the UK for a lil. Stay posted for some more pics !

A Massive thanks to Roxy Europe and UK for an amazing event.