London. a Photoshoot. and some Horse Riding?!!!

I flew back to England for a couple of days, caught up with family and went to London for a photoshoot.

This is me on set...... however it's a secret so won't tell you anymore on that front , other than it was really fun ;)! you will just have to wait until the mag's released!

Went into the Roxy Head office in London too, always good to cruise by and say hello to everyone.

Michelle -  aka the boss. is Roxy UK and Irl manager took me horse riding. She is amazing at it and looks slightly more graceful than me, don't you think?!!!

Haha.  Looks like I am going fast. I wish!!

I flew back home last night and now I am back for 2 weeks! going to get into the gym and hopefully we get some surf over here!

Me and my lil bro Josh did some shopping at Bluewater. That's the spot!

and if you missed my last post. Watch this!