Just finished packing for the mega trip, I am away for 6 weeks, going to 4 different places, you will have to stay tuned for where, but the first stop is New Zealand! I leave tomorrow. Amped to go down, ride and see everyone.

I was last in NZ in 2009. Good times down there with Britte Van Der Pouw and Lesley Mckenna.

This is an edit from my first time down under 2 years ago! Got some new tricks I want to work on.  Didn't post this up from 2 Alpes last month, but was messing around on a real slow and slushy day trying some back ro 7's out the bottom of the pipe.

I fly over to London tomorrow and have a nice 4 hour layover!! before my Belfast, London, Singapore, Sydney and then down to Queenstown flight. 23 hours and 20 Minutes flying time to be precise. Not including layovers.

I Have been at home the past 10 days. Spending my time cycling, gyming, got 3 surfs in and hung out at the beach and caught up with friends. It seems so weird to say that, hanging out at the beach, but weather has been surreal for NI!!

Also tried something new with the fro. Did a lil dip dying. Think I might add some more, not sure?!

This is the local beach, an hour away, White Rocks.

Come back for some more updates on New Zealand. :)