New Zealand. Travels. Wanaka, Snowpark. EPIC!

So finally made it to New Zealand, journey was actually super mellow, met a friend so had a travel buddy on the plane, stoked! people say they hate travelling but it really isn't that bad! sleeping, movie watching, and munching on plane food!

I first flew to London, then Singapore, Airport was pretty pimping there, super hot!  Then down to Sydney and then onto Queenstown. All in all door to door like 38 hours + in total including travel to and from the airport!

This is the beauty that cruised us over to Singapore. The A380. Double decker, pimping! She is a beast, can carry up to 853 passenger's, now there is a fact for you...

This was a bar at Singapore Airport, it was seriously warm!

Dinner in Singapore, then headed onto the next 7 hour flight.

for Breakfast in Sydney! This is Steve. My travel buddy. The snowboard industry is such a small world, turns out we have 14 mutual friends on Facebook! and we met in the check in que haha

Flying straight into Winter! Queenstown. New Zealand!

So the journey was literally effortless, till I landed.

1.5 hours in customs, tons of questions, and then I went through the X Ray scanner, had an apple in my hand luggage. Straight up fine $400 NZ. Great Start! haha.

This is Snow Park!

Trampoline on the Mtn. Stefi Luxton representing with a classic backie!

and this is a screen shot from today. Super fun up there riding with all the crew, Silje, Jenny, the NZ chickas Possum and Stefi!

Sam Turnbull is in the house , he got here today, and we are renting a pretty sick pad in Wanaka , going to go up and film some with the girls, so stay tuned, an edit will be droppping soon!