New Zealand. is sick as bro...

So I have been in New Zealand for just a week and a half now and I am loving it. Such as sick crew of people down here and Snow Park is alot of fun! So thought I would share a few pictures / screen shots with you!

Snow Park NZ.  = 6 days of sun = pure fun.

Just a casual day. driving up the mountain with Possum Torr!

To get up the mountain it's a half hour dirt road up. Intense!!

Jones left yesterday. Had a super sick day shredding with her up the mountain a couple of days ago :)

I Filmed a bit with Sam Turnbull today. He is my rommie, stay tuned for some edits. They will be dropping in hot! Sam is slaying it out here!

stoked to see G Baby. aka Grete Eliasen up the hill today. Took a couple of laps with her!

I have a photoshoot this week for the 2013 Roxy collection. Pretty exciting. Alex the photographer from Snowboard Mag Australia just got into town today. So myself Kjersti Buaas and Ty Walker shall be sending it next week! So fingers crossed the storm passes over tomorrow so we get some more sun!

stay tuned for more edit's and photos!