Daily Dump Snow Report EDIT. check it!!!!

SO yesterday was a real fun day up at Snow Park after 6 days off, 3 days of rubbish weather and the mountain being shut, then being in bed sick for 3 days, finally got back on it and I did a little filming with the Daily Dump Snow Report.

Enjoy this short / funny sketch of me being the weather girl yesterday and taking a few laps in the park with some friends. Watch out for Sam Turnbull, Possum Torr and Jamie Anderson on the Kickers! I was working on back 7's on the big jump! I got one in there, It's a bit sketchy, but I promise I will get it better today ;)!!! haha.

And here is the possy. Being all Gangsta. Baggy pants in the Cafe. cheaa! Spencer O'Brien, Possum Torr, ME, Jamie Anderson.