New Zealand. what a trip!

To get things started. Watch this...

then read this!!!!!!!!!

I am just back from what has been such an epic trip to New Zealand. I headed down under with Sam Turnbull, he is a sick rider from the UK, I did a few comps, I rode lots and had a Roxy photo shoot with Kjersti Buaas and Ty Walker! FUN TIMES!

I rode at Snow Park literally every day possible, we got real lucky with Weather it was pretty much perfect other than the 3 day snow storm and the od day, but for New Zealand that is really good!

This is the view driving up  to Cardrona. Snow Park across the valley...

We had such a shred crew going on, the 2 Kiwi's Possum Torr and Stefi Luxton, Spencer O'Brien, Jamie Anderson, the Jones, Charlotte Van Gils, Silje Norendal, the Norwegian chickas literally everyone was in town!

The party bus aka Trucky. Rihanna to Lil Wayne. Tunes pumping the whole way to the hill.

I entered a few contest's they didn't go quite to plan for me, but hey, they can't all work in your favour! I am happy with the riding I got done out there so good times :)

This is me at the Winter Games Slopestyle, Cab Underflip

2nd at the NZ Open! no big deal.

Henry Jackson. Legend, Chief motivator of the Roxy shoot. Kept us going even through the storm!

Jossi Wells. Wanaka Local. Skiier. Want to be snowboarder?!! watch this. He kills it on a Snowboard...

Sammy T chillen at Lake Wanaka

Planking, it had to be done!

On the pass over to Queenstown. From the Right. Spencer O'Brien , Possum Torr, such a legend!

The crew at Lake Haze, this place is idillic.

I flew out of New Zealand 3 days ago now! Mellow 13 hour flight over to Los Angles. I flew up to Auckland with Byron Wells, I had a hella lot of luggage, so I reckon it's thank's to him and his Gold status It was super mellow! Awesome to have a flying buddy too. Flying on your own SUCKS. So boring! ha, andddd right now I am in California for a few days before our next shoot. We just rented road bikes, so mission on tomorrow, will update you on that one soon!

Hope everyone is enjoying summer, I am amped on a little sunshine before the winter starts!

Hope you liked the edit and few photos!