California. Shot in Whitelines. OrEgOn.

Stoked I just got this through, in the New Buyers guide for Whitelines Magazine. Go check out the mag and all the latest gear!

I spent the last few days in California, I went to check out the Roxy US office, did some surfing, a 26.8 mile cycle with the European Roxy team manager, Lesley Mckenna and some hardcore chilling at the beach!

Our sweet pad at Newport / Huntington beach, surf was epic in the morning so up every day at 6.30 for a early morning sesh.

Lesley Mckenna and I on our bike ride, we rented road bikes and cycled from Newport to South Laguna beach. 26.8 Miles!  So fun, I love road biking, can't wait to get a bike and get into it more next spring!

chillen at the Hot Tub in Huntington. That place is crazy. Soo many people, flash cars and hot surfers!

Im in Portland Oregon now, just spent a day hanging out with Tricia Byrnes, she is a bit of a legend but keeps it on the DL! she showed us the city!

Will update you on that one tomorrow, but right now, got to dash, heading up to Mt Hood!