Mt Hood. Oregon. It's a wrap

I cruised up to Mt Hood a few day's ago! Crazy the amount of Snow up here still for the End of August / Start of September. It surreal to come back here, as this is where it all started for me 4 years ago! I was a camper on Erin Comstock's session at Highcascade! and she hooked me up with Roxy, and 4 years later Im here on a shoot! My first catalogue shoot, here are a few pictures from behind the scenes! not going to give anything away but... enjoy :)


PRETZEL FACES. Me. Kjersti and Torah

We spent one day in a super pimp lodge. Freshly baked pretzel's, and Jimmy the Waffle maker! made day 1. Epic.

Lots of hanging around on set, meant lots of excess energy, which resulted in some jump shots!

Lesley kicking my head.

juuuuump shot

We shot something pretty cool which involved us ending up looking like this... drenched.

summer cat boarding!