NYC The Art of Flight Premier

So I hoped on a plane across the country with Euro TM, Lesley Mckenna to NYC! after our Roxy shoot in Oregon. We were lucky enough to get tickets to the Art Of Flight premier, so a big thanks to Roxy US, for inviting us along to join them!

The movie was next level, and the atmosphere in the theatre was insane, the theatre was packed, 3 floors and tons of people queuing up at the door for tickets!

I got to walk down the Red Carpet which was pretty exciting! Red Carpet at a Snowboard movie premier! AWESOME!

Here is a pic of me and Torah :)

and me getting an interview, that felt kinda strange as I was most definitely not in that movie. However honoured to be asked for an interview haha

I also spent the morning hanging out with Gia, she made us look the part on the Roxy shoot, make up artist, just casual, worked with Justin Timberlake, Janet Jackson, and so on the list goes on. We went with her to Sephora in SoHo.

Me and Brighto working on our new looks. What do you think?!

Leslo looking like a brain, till she closed her EYES. NYC Law school, where the big bucks are made.

Other than the Art of Flight Premier there were a few other bits going on in town! I went to one of the Quiksilver Pro France Party's and it was really cool to catch up with some of the crew from the UK Quik Office, shout out to Meena and Herman!

Then  I had planned to stay in town a few extra days to hang out with my MUM! which was AWESOME, she flew over for the weekend,  we walked MILES! okay by the last day it hurt to walk from my bed to the bathroom haha,

thought i'd share a few more pics! EnJoYYY

View from the revolving restaurant, not gonna lie, it did make me a lil dizzy!

Manhattan, never stops buzzing.

Did the tourist thing. It had to be done. Times Square. Tons of people, flashing lights,

haha my Mum is probably going to freak if she look's on here!......Proud to be an American, Sexy SHOES! I reckon some American's would actually wear these. Pretty cool to be so patriotic I guess, after all we Brits can't talk after ginger spice and the classic Union Jack dress! represent.

And the Classic NY bagel. Fattening but delicious none the less.

Just in JFK airport now. Flying BA back to London then over to isles of Northern Ireland. Can't wait to get back home after such an epic 6 weeks on the road, New Zealand, Cali, Oregon and then NY! Thanks to everyone who made this trip soo much fun!