Roxy team training week. Hossegor.

So I am currently out in Hossegor, France for the Roxy snow team dry land training camp. Here are a few pics and an insite to what's happening out here!

This is the crew

Frenchie. Mirabelle Thovex, The Germans Aline Bock, Lena Stoffel, and myself.

We are staying in a really cool spot, the Quiksilver boardriders house.

There are trampoline's, slack lines, a footy pitch. Super mellow, other than the 7.30 fitness sessions, work out's on the beach, circuits, biking, bounding, you name it, we did it!

The crew after fitness session numero 1

The surf has been pumping in Hossegor, tow in's were happening.

This is ze Germans, Aline and Lena. Look to the left. This is them looking at themselves in 30 years time! haha

Stoffel on the road to the beach!

Hung out for a day with Cheryl, we did some extreme slack lining, this is the next generation. Watch out!

Napali France, Quiksilver and Roxy head quarters,. Magic happens here!

Checked out the Roxy snow catalogue for this winter. 11/12, and I got a page whoop!

Out here for 2 more days, some more fitness and hopefully it get's a lil smaller so we can get some surfing in!!!