Scotland and Hintertux!

Sorry for the lul in updates, been on the road and having soo much fun riding again.

Last weekend I was over in Scotland for the Big Bang snowboard show, it was rad to be in Scotland and catch up with all the British crew, I never really get to ride in the snowdome so I had some fun cruising! I also held a coaching session with the one and only Ms Jennifer Jones, It was a Roxy all girls session and we had 20 plus girls, so a great turn out and the girls killed it!

Cooler mag came out a couple of days before the Big Bang... great success at the Roxy stand!

After Scotland I missioned it over to Munich, and now im in Hintertux with Cheryl Maas. THE 2011/12 season has STARTED! We have had an epic week so far, 4 days of perfect sun.

The big kickers have been on ! and so have the huck sessions out of the pipe into the slush!

Cheers to Jigga, aka John Weaver for this photo, please be sure to head over to the Goodlife, his blog. It's a good read...

Some of the crew. Cheryl, Lisa and Elin.

The park is on point right now! 2 big jumps, midi and small line, perfect for progression!

Its been rad to get on the big jumps and get my tricks back and also to try some new things while the snow is still soft.

Hintertux is so sick this time of year, after riding there has been football matches and pretty much the whole of the snowboard scene have been down in Mayrhofen, so far it seem's that the Dutch have the edge on the rest of us though.

Yesterday I shot up on the mountain with Italian photographer Elonora Raggi, we also cruised down into town with Enni and Roope to do some lifestyles.

Roope is clearly comfortable infront of the camera


and the last shot goes to Gjermund Braaten. He can pull off my shades pretty well! what do you think?

The bad weather is coming in tomorrow, so Its going to turn from summer to Winter over night!

stay tuned for some more post's as the camera is at the ready.