-13 and Whiteout. YUM.

So we woke up today, to this. It has literally changed from Summer to Winter over night, such an amazing view from the balcony.

Though't I'd share this little slam with you... I was messing around trying some new things out of the bottom of the pipe with Cheryl Maas, this one I may have overcooked!

Today it was really gnarly conditions up the hill -13, whiteout and snowing, not the most appealing so we spent another day down in Mayrhofen at the Coultas crib. It's the spot, Sunday roast today!

The boys repping my Stirling Socks, Dom Harrington, Jamie Nicholls, Archie and Rowan Coultas, cheaa they love pink!

We went to check in at the climbing center, Jamie was slaying it, the reward of getting to the top, resulted in my foot in his face.

Gregor Samuel's not even a year after his injury is back out here in the mountains, great to see him on such good form.

Did a little shopping with Silje Norendal, 3 day's off in a row, cabin fever! It resulted in us in the local sports shop trying on all sorts of shoes.

Checked in at the Roxy store in Mayrhofen,  spotted this poster... crazy!

and I got my first shot in Golden Ride, Double page. STOKED. Go check the mag it's a banger issue!

So tomorrow is meant to be the last day of bad weather, so amped to get back up on the mountain and get at it again!