1st Place at the Horsefeathers Pleasure Jam.

So I headed out to Hintertux on Monday and linked up with Mark Ruparelia, Henry Jackson and Cheryl Maas!

The weather was not so good in Tux, so Cheryl and I bailed to Dachstein to ride the sick set up there!

The Pleasure Jam Semi's went down yesterday...

Here is one run from practice. Hopefully getting some more footage from the finals, but for now enjoy this...

haha... this is what you call a game face......... well... Mine at least haha. Semi's went down yesterday morning and I qualified through to the 4 women super finals with Cheryl Maas, Sarka Pancochova and Cilka Sadar.

In the finals I put a run down of a cab underflip 5, a backside 3 and a backside rodeo 5 to a switch boardslide over the rainbow.

Here is a picture of one of my back rodeo's, thanks to Weaver, he got the money shot. Check the GOOD LIFE... blog for a rad update on the whole event! with pics and a review on the girls riding! Thanks for the nice comments!

I finished up in 1st place, so stoked my 1st TTR win, all the girls on the Podium. :)

Girls 1. Aimee Fuller 2. Cilka Sadar 3. Sarka Pancochova

and Cheryl Maas with the best trick. Back 7 tail.

Me + Seppe after prize giving! He killed it yesterday, check out his blog Life of Lama's.

here is the full result list

and the results for the Guys 1. Seppe Smits 2. Niklas Mattson 3. Mathias Weissenbacher

These men ran the show yesterday... Mark Ruppo filming,  Jackson + Weaver on the mic, providing entertainment all day long...

Ruppo, Tini Gruber and Ethan Morgan!

The British team arrived........and with a bang too. Billy Morgan had a banging run but just missed out on qualifying for semi's, Sam Turnbull qualified through in 4th with a sick double back 10 and PJ aka Jamie Nicholls qualified in 1st. It's rad to see how well the Brits are doing in the comp! Shout out to Lewis C J who broke his wrist in practice. Get well soon.

The coach. HAMISH Mcknight and Billy Morgan

Right now, we are at a service station in the middle of France, driving through the night to get back to the UK, these 2 Pilots drove the whole way back to the UK, I can't claim much but being the DJ. Rihanna all the way...

Thanks to everyone from the event! Such a good time.