The Art of Flight. London

I took literally a flying visit over to London yesterday. Hoped on a flight out of Belfast, super mellow 1 hour flight and then straight into town for the London leg of the Art of Flight premier. The London eye looking swell as the sun goes down ...

I got one of those gold bands. You know VIP. Sonnn!

The movie was epic, I swear it get's better each time I have seen it. I went to see it on the big screen in NYC and then I have watched parts just on my laptop, the IMAX cinema in Waterloo though, stole the show last night. The movie is incredible I highly recommend checking in to see it if you haven't already. Next level!

They had an epic photo booth, this is just one of the takes with Julie and myself looking like a goon! I may have been in there more than once haha. Wind machine and props what more do you want.

The Roxy and Quiksilver crew, they run the show in the UK. Hannah, ME! , Julie, Nick and the legend Michelle! All looking pretty serious. Well you know the big man was in town. T Rice. Game faces all round.

Sweet hotel room!

Thankyou soo much to Roxy for having me over for the night!  So good to see all of the UK crew and watch the movie at the Imax!!! Back home now for a good while... like 10 days. Pretty much a record!