Roxy Podcast!

SO here is the first Podcast from Roxy or shall we say... refreshment.

che che check it. Stay tuned and check in for more throughout the season! You can see me at the start and flying across your screen doing a backie!

So good to be home right now. 10 days. Longest since July! So amped on being back, catching up with some friends and getting in some gym time with Scott Brady, he  has been training me when I am at home the past 6 motnhs. He is really great to work with, motivating and I have learned so much from him! check out his website for lots of nutrition tips etc. He is such a boss...

and if you want to end up looking like this...

and doing stuff like this!

Thought i'd share a few bits of coverage just out this week too!

My bliss by Level Ad. In Onboard and Jessie mag

Preview of the double page I got in Cooler!

Page in Surf girl mag!

and my ad shot in Whitelines and the Reason this month :)

Right now about to head up North to Portrush for the Art of Flight premier, should be a fun night, a bunch of friends are coming up and all the local surf crew! check back for some pics!