Portrush! ATOF premier! Great Success!!!!

Okay... So it turns out, I ended up at another Art of Flight premier! This time at home!! A massive thanks  to Troggs for an awesome night last night! So good to have a snowboard movie premier at home, Northern Ireland, in a surf town! YES!!! ........  Best crowd I have witnessed at the 3 premiers I have been too. The whole room was buzzzzing! Travis would be proud! Go on NI!

Introducing the movie with Andy Hill, the man that runs the show at Troggs surf shop!

It turned out that the give away's ended up going to my bro and 2 of my friends, it wasn't a fix... honestly!

So in the end we just started throwing the gear out to the loudest crowd. Trust me it was loud, the whole theatre went mental!!!

Roxy sent over some posters... and Troggs had me do a signing!

I met Bob Gnarley, the cartoonist from Whitelines magazine, he was stoked on this poster. Went a wee bit blotchy!

Me, Andy and Niaomh O'Hagen... she set the mood and kicked things off with a bang performing live!

thanks for a fun night! and to all my hommies from Belfast coming up to watch the movie!

YEAAH! ...

Right now packing... haha actually that's a lie, debating about packing. Off to Colorado tomorrow!!!