Colorado USA!

Here is a very little taster from Woodward from the first few sessions... there is alot more to come!

So on the 28th of November I hoped on a flight to Denver Colorado USA! With the whole British crew. Pretty much a party flight, like 8 of us! such a crew

Me + Ms Jones after 8 of the 10 hours of movies!

We have been super lucky with weather, pretty much blue bird all but 2 days!



Me up front and Barbs in the back.


2 days ago it was so cold, hair was freezing + even our nostrils!

On one of our day's off, Katie, myself and Basa got bored and decided to get involved in some cheap entertainment. 40 cents for the crayons and 30 cents for the paper, haha my grandad would be proud!

Living it up. Getting our nails done USA style!


Riding has been epic, out here with Roxy and riding with Hamish Mcknight and the GB crew! The feet are back and working on some new tricks, we have  been at Woodward lots, having a blast there throwing down all sorts of stuff! Got my confirmation for Dew Tour the other day! So it's count down, like 1 week before that kicks off. Stay tuned for some Woodward and riding video... dropping soon!