Dew Tour. Bruised Heel :(

Soooo yesterday I had Slope practice for the Dew Tour course and it was prime!

Was having a blast on the course, stoked on the whole set up, good jumps, mellow rails, it was all business. I did a ton of laps, lapping in the morning with Cheryl Maas and then in the afternoon with Seppe Smits, and was  loving it. Till I went for an afternoon pit stop, came back and straight into the first jump cab underflip, came up super short and stomped it so hard before the knuckle. The result... one bruised heel.

I skipped practice today, and have tried it all in the hope of riding tomorrow, American pain killers, trust me they are strong... ice packs, peas,  K-tape, Cheryl made me a doughnut type thing in my boot.

Right now can't actually get my boot on and am walking around on my tip toes... so pathetic... so annoyed. So I am gutted to say I am calling it and tomorrow is a no go.

Good luck to all the girls tomorrow. SEND IT! and bring on the next comp!!! GAME TIME!!!!!