Back n Breckenridge!

I flew back out to Breck on the 14th with Sammy T + Billy Morgan! The rest of the British crew have just joined us now too! Ben Kilner, Rowan Coultas + Jamie Nicholls.

So amped.... on the way out I made up the points to move me up to silver on British Airways! so now I will be flying about in style!

It was crazy as we flew over the Atlantic this Swiss air flight just randomly appeared from just below us!

First day on the hill! Sage Kotsenburg and myself rocking some wild hair. It's the steeze these day's! no hats, just straight up gogs..

Billy is insane in Woodward, he has been teaching me some new maneuvers... got a bit of practice yet though!

- 20 + hitch hiking. Seriously cold

Some laps with Nicholls

and lastly the rec center in Breck! It's the spot for some evening entertainment...

The altitude in Breckenridge is so gnarley, we had a 2 on 2 game, Possum Torr + myself against Cheryl Maas and Spencer O'brien. We are massively claiming the win. 5/4 to the ROOKIES haha, I guess it was a bit of luck...

A massive thankyou to Possum Torr for having me stay at her pad!

Today I am off to Aspen, It will be my first time there, I am an alternate for X games Slopestyle, so really looking forward to the mini road trip over there and the whole experience! It's a tight field of 10 girls, so honored to be going over!