X GAMES... behind the scenes.

SO last Monday I road tripped over to Aspen with Cheryl Maas and Silje Norendal. I went over to the X games as an alternate and I had a blast taking in the experience and supporting the crew, But before I begin with the photos, the most moving moment of the X games 2012 for me was the ceremony for Sarah Burke, I was honored to take part in the remembrance service in the half pipe, and consider myself to have been very lucky to have known Sarah, she will live on forever in our hearts. We love you Burkey xxx

and the Sarah Burke photo tribute. Me + Buaas at 29s.

here are some pics from the week, Enjoy!

The road to Aspen,  where the beer flows like wine


The legend that is Erin Comstock.

X with Massy!

The men's big air jump. HUAAAGE.

Silje, me, Erin, Possum, Charlotte, Spencer

Roope  + Staale

Golden girl, the women of the moment, Jamie Anderson stole the show with a run scoring 95.33, leading the way of progression for female snowboarding.

These 3 clowns came over from Breckenridge for the day! Mini man to look out for Rowan Coultas, Billy Morgan, and Mr Nicholls.

Messing about on the big screen.

Possum + Silje first US X games for them both.

Up top with Ms Anderson before she puts down the best run I've ever seen in Women's slope.

Vans European team homie Charlotte Van Gils! about to get Extreme...

Putting the X on extreme

Spenny OB. Showing her steeze at drop in!

Just cruising at the Roxy pad with a bit of bling. Kjersti's X games medal no biggie!

Kjersti got 3rd so stoked for her! She has such steeze in the process of putting together an X games edit, so check back to see BUAAS in action..

The girls podium...

Off back to Europe tomorrow for a Roxy shoot. It's going to be a fun time, so stay tuned!