Roxy shoot day 1

So I arrived in Gerlos after a 31 hour journey from Aspen. As soon as we landed, Nele the German Roxy boss took us to the Roxy store in Munich for a lil shopping!  

Munich city center


Lisa Wiik getting her shop on in the Roxy store in Munich


yesterday we got up to ride this bad boy and had such a sick session with the whole team!

We are staying in a rad chalet out here, with a physio and chef! Euan is the man, and fed all of us lot last night!

Also the physio Alison is a miracle worker, I bruised my heel 5 weeks ago and I rode properly for the first time on big jumps

yesterday! straight in after the jump session acupuncture!

filming some podcast action this morning with Buaas...

off out here check back for some more pics!