pow kickers and doubles

Been having a blast on the Roxy shoot the whole crew is here, there is alot of us!!! I can honestly say I wouldn´t be riding  on my heel if it wasn´t for our physio Alison! WONDER WOMEN!

So today it went down, I was in a crew with Tania, Kjersti, Torah and we started off with some mellow cliff drops and then sacked it off to build a kicker!

Tried a few tricks then tried my first double, I tried it 4 times, got super close to landing however didn´t quite get it this time, it´s on for the next one though! ;)

It´s seriously sooo soo cold here, we where out all day and got back from the hill as it was getting dark! Got to skidoo down with Kjersti, some crazy Austrian man drove us down the hill. My toes are still, numb, but they are on the thaw.

Check back for a full blog with a ton of pics soon, right now the internet sucks here. SO I am out.



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