MAMMOTH Mtn living.

Hey so some of you may wonder why I appear to be cruising around Cali and not snowboarding... Well right now I am in Mammoth, I came out here with the intentions of riding, but the bruised heel from X Games has continued to give me some grief, so I decided to stay out here, enjoy the mountains, rest up the foot and do a little fitness!

In the gym in Mammoth we have had the honor of meeting fellow brit Mara Yamauchi! She is over here altitude training in preparation for the London 2012 Olympics. So cool to meet her and hear some of her stories, super inspiring! Can't wait to watch her compete on the 5th of August in London! Check out her blog here ....

Here are a few pics from what's been going down!

Hanging on set of Kimmy Fascani's shoot. Spenny bought out the sled neck in me! One day I will own one of these bad boys, so sick!

Gabi, Kimmy, Speno, ME, Enni aka team Finland in the house!

As Mammoth mountain is geologically active there are tons of hot springs !it's crazy to go and sit in an all natural volcanic tub! sessions have become frequent out here! Pretty much going down every other day!

The scenic view... down by the springs,

Nate + Woodsy are out here camping so we headed to there's one night for a .... Hobo dinner, pretty much one of the tastiest things on the market. I highly recommend it, thanks LADS!

RV style, tucking in!

Marshmallows going off! Ben, me, Woodsy, Nate

Kilner on his voyage

and in-case any of you were concerned, the club 300 that myself and Jones purchased got put to good use!

For now that's a rap! check back for more photos from the last few days of the trip! and hopefully i'll be going snowboarding soon.