SO last week I hopped on a flight and headed South... PORTUGAL the most western country of mainland Europe. I was over there with MBM Magazine, surprisingly... not snowboarding, surfing and it went down. They invited along a big crew of snowboarders, Cilka Sadar, Eero Ettla, Seppe Smits, Markus Keller, Clemens shatzi, Matthias Weisenbacher + Felix Georgi!  I had a blast with the crew,  here are a few photos. Enjoy :)

we stayed at this baller spot, Quiksilver surf lodge, thanks guys!

and we had a pretty epic pool

The 3 musketeers(Me, Seppe, Cilka)

ready for it

only surf snap of the trip!

Cilka Sadar

Watching the German v Holland game with 20 Germans, so of course we supported Holland. Shocked at the result we were cheering Holland all the way... disappointed. ha

hike down to the beach

Clemens - aka action man

the swiss introduced us to  a new game...

roof top tanning - waiting for the tides to change

early morning on the road to the beach

thanks so much to the guys from MBM magazine, had a blast with you and all the crew! Bring on 2013 surf days :)

and if you want to see more pics HERE http://snowboardermbm.mpora.de/events/others/mbm-surf-days-tag-5.html

+ Stay tuned. Video dropping soon .