So since the last post 3.5 weeks ago, I had just got my bike... and signed myself up for a challenge, straight up out of my league! I completed the Etape! In 5hrs 16 Minutes, 70 miles of cycling through, up, down and around the largest mtn range in the country, in the sweltering heat... I survived... and ran into an old school mate Clifford, thank's for the help ha!

Since then I have joined a cycling club, all very foreign to me! I rocked up and I have started doing a couple of runs out a week with the crew ranging from 35-45 miles! Everyone super friendly so stoked I now have a good crew of people to go out on the bike with. They are putting me right on what's "COOL" and what's not in cycling... reflectors, bells are apparently not cool, so now I've that sorted,


also fashion shades are apparently a no go... gutted, got told I looked like "Elton John" thanks Andy.... ha, but I've upgraded to some pretty dope cycling shades now! WATCH OUT...

A week off the bike for the MBM surf days, just back and yesterday I joined a few of the club crew on a 60 mile ride down the Ards Peninsula, the Coastal Challenge, it was pretty mellow in comparison to the Etape and completed that in 3hr23, so a slight improvement in times, however it was flat and 10 miles less! and this time I was with a crew. Thank's NDCC :)

The next mission on my list is... the Maracycle, this is way out of my league, but I signed up last week. It's a 2 day challenge, 110 miles each day, cycling from Belfast to Dublin and back so that's 220 miles... that's this upcoming weekend so lots of carbo loading on the forecast for this week. I will report back on how that goes...I've done a few rides, in the last few weeks, but still an amateur in the cycling world so should be interesting. Wish me LUCK.. I am going to need it for this one !