MY end of Season Wrap EDIT!

So here it is! Comp footage and cruising all mashed up in one edit. I had a blast of a season despite a few injuries with my heels. Enjoy

Thanks to Whitelines Mag for there nice little write up.

"WL" Despite injuring her heel and being out of action for a decent chunk of this winter, Aimee Fuller has managed to have a pretty amazing season, clambering up no less than three 4 and 5 star TTR podiums including 1st place at the Horsefeathers Pleasure Jam and 3rd at the Roxy Snow Pro. We also had Aimee grace the cover of our 101st issue back in February with one of her trademark laid out backflips.

Aimee kind of has a knack for going upside down and watching her ride is like watching a (smiley) ping pong ball bounce around at double speed – the intro to her season edit here is evidence enough! Aimee has been going from strength to strength with each passing season and we’re expecting big things from our lass come 2014 when a small, relatively unknown, in no way a big deal, competition rolls into a town (in Russia)…keep it up girl!